Because Only Together We Can

Your Contributions, My Contributions Go a Long Way To Build a World Where All Youth Are Safe, Strong & Valued
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TV-TAY (The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths) Wellbeing Initiative was established back in 2003/2005 to promote societal values and virtues for the less privilege. The Initiative was basically established to exponentially touch many lives. The purpose of establishing TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative is to make distinct positive changes in the lives of many beneficiaries.

In the past, TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has accomplished many fantastic results for Community developments. Education, Community Healthcare assistance, Career opportunities in addition with lots of tangible rewards for the TAYs (teenagers, adolescents and youths). Our tractable results show this.

The future actually looks so bright and very brighter when we can join hands, resources and our initiatives to brace up the society.


General Secretary

Become a Volunteer

Getting involved in our community outreach is a great advantage for anyone who wishes to play a role as a volunteer. You will learn a pool of talent to impact your community, because your freely giving time and labour will not go in vain!

Who We Are

Our departments work base on values and challenges from various Communities we comb.

Our Research department works extensively to find out what a community desires or faces as challenges before the attentions of other departments are allowed to feature for any communal problem tackling or solving.

As an organization social entrepreneurship assisted many disabled and widows to be invaluable to themselves and their communities.

What We Do


— We Find & Fund

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative accelerates many communities’ cross-sectional projects. Our concerns leverage on what the whole community can benefit or what will benefit the entire community not what they can only benefit from the organization.


— We Build Networks

We build a lot of networks to promote the standard and the society we want through the teen community to the adulthood stage. TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative is not just a non-profit organization,


— We Strengthen

This is how The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative plans to strengthening its community work:


— We Educate

The success and management of adult’s career begins from early childhood education. This also involves both formal and informal education ranging from preschool through nursery to primary school level.


— We Provide Care

Health is an important pre-determining and live-challenging factor for every citizen to live a better fulfilling life. Education may be important or be an attribute to sustain one’s professionalism in some occasions on how one can go farther about life achievement,

— We Consult

Our outreach depends on various situations of environment we find ourself. The Research does a lot of work by tempering down its nose to find out a community actually desires.

What We Care For!

Bringing Dreams within Reach for Children

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has rendered educational assistance in so many ways in various patterns.

We have assisted the children from the less privilege homes by preparing them towards their beginning and future learning skills. It is not all about the entire system, but how you structure the whole process from the beginning.
We are concerned about their access to education.Learning to read and write is a major challenge of most children.
Since we can speak their language, then why don't you stayby and donate to promote the education of the less assisted children?

Do We Have To Count The Daily Number of Lives We Lost

Millions of people out there face health and medical challenges without any resolutions till point of death because of their lack of financial support.

There are also millions of people, donors who search for reliable organizations but do not see the right light of track to trend to render assistance to the aforementioned. If you belong to those who search for a reliable organization to donate your pennny to save lives, kindly click on our donation button to assist victims, sick people who face health or medical challenges.DO NOT LET US COUNT LOST BUT LIVES

Caring and Supporting Our Aged Ones

Research has it that the ages in Africa usually rendered useless when they are supposed to be useful than when they were young.

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative trends time with our old mothers and fathers. They are supposed to be watch dog to save our community. Keeping them healthy at all times suppose to be our priority through proper health care and regular and medical checkups so that they can be useful to the community we live together. We do not have to render our old mothers and fathers as beggers, they are old but can be healthy to promote societal security for the safety of everyone.
We apease for their welfare, kindly stopby and donate for our ages.

Impact Stories

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative dedicates and establishes a lot of Community assistances for all be adults, children or youths most especially the less privilege in terms of education and community healthcare services.

We have been in this struggle since 2003 with tracks of records. You can view the lineage of TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative here

Every moment of joy is administered through assistance of various approaches. The first time we encountered a cancer patient,

we thought of what could be done to assist the poor woman, but contrary to our expectations, many philanthropists stood to the occasion and the life of the woman was saved with unexpectedly.