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The Sims 4

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The Sims 4

Sims is back for the fourth step, once again gives you the opportunity to build your dream home and check your email avatars to evolve. This game is also available after the R for Mac. The years waiting for the SIMS 3 tracking, this phase will quickly succeed in reviving interest in the series? (Function () {(‘ Review-App-page-Desktop ‘);});

Sims package that lacks content

The Sims 4 are trying to revolutionize the rules of succession. However, I still expect to see several new features compared to other games in the series. Awesome, it is clear that with this new version, Electronic Arts has done the opposite of what I expected: instead of adding new content, the publisher decided to lighten the game by taking a large number;

There is no pool, no toddlers, you are not able to see your Sims where the work list is too long and the conclusion is clear: the Electronic Arts seem to have spent a lot of space to add later DLC and components that have been Reti The game’s res. It seems to me that the unhappy attitude, see if the game “full” ready to be sold in its entirety;

This criticism aside, however, the game offers countless new activities that your Sims do in or at home. The range of things you buy is already big and original, just like the different outings you go. It’s a shame, however, that now the loading screen to get when you move Sims between plots and neighborhoods, where the Sims 3 offered a world of clarity where the act remained constant.
The good news is that there is a new community portal that allows you to share your creations online (characters and construction).

Great interface and Artificial intelligence

In terms of gameplay and availability, the SIMS 4 has improved dramatically compared to its predecessors. Despite the presence of a large study that can be annoying for those who are already familiar with the series, everything has been renewed for better control;

The new creative character is the best: you make a SIM of your dreams very easily by simply dragging the mouse over the part of the body that you want to change. When it comes to building or customizing your home, now a clear path marked, according to the different rooms;

The way Sims to live is also the focus of attention. A new system is needed, your characters are much more freedom and intelligence, to take care of themselves by the direct work they need. Allows you to focus on basic elements and develop your talents through the Sims game;

Note, however, that the control of the camera is embarrassing and impracticable. It is not possible to move in three dimensions, and it is a great disappointment for a game that benefits from the experience of previous sessions of the third.

Not technically, but very well optimized

Years after the Sims 3, many were waiting for a real review of the drawings for this new version. Unfortunately, the difference between the Sims 3 and 4 of The Sims is clear as it should be. Despite the addition of some good graphic effects seem attractive, this newVersion of the graphics were already included from the time it was released. It is unfortunate that this disadvantage, but with the advantage of making a game that is compatible with low power computers.

Do not remove the technical status DesLes new Sims, the Usoniundani level has been improved. The main improvement lies in the large number of animation available, WithSimsnu are able to go through different emotions. Therefore, you can have a lot of experience on the situation will help to inspire the Sims best life in general.

Full of thought and only very little DLC

Sims 4 is a disappointing success. The developer seems to work diligently in the interface; The Sims Creator and the character mode of the building are gems of simplicity and power. And so it takes a new system and automating your Sims, there are more freedom to experience the best of the Games. There are a lot of expansions for this game to download and enjoy: Hurry up, start!, retreat outside, unfortunately, the game is affected by a defect that is not readily available, especially for former fans of the series. With the limitations of the incomparable technique, the game is stripped of content compared to 3 Sims, proving very long series of paid content downloads coming soon. This is an unfortunate step in electronic art, which want to revise their policies in the next few years if they want to avoid that will lead to many of their fans.


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