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  • Our Mission



    The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Well-being Initiative is established and dedicated to delivering a solid standard, effective, efficient and respectful public service with much integrity and co-operate accountability acknowledging proven and innovative measures. As a strong non-governmental organization with support of over 300 members and economically powerful partners both at home and international, TVTAY has a great privilege and opportunity to address most challenges being faced by the TAYs.
    In addition to this, there is much TVTAY can do to enhance and promote knowledge exchange and understanding of advances in education and areas in which TVTAY hopes and ought to sensitize better future for the less privilege. TVTAY has indeed worked and is working to create a tremendous opportunities for proper growth and better living for the TAYs so that willingness of government, international bodies and inter-governmental organizations contributions can be visible for environment that promotes better care of people with which their names reflects the name of this organization.

Our Core Values

    • Integrity

      we have upheld our code of conducts and ethics at all times, maintained a high standard of personality and embedded our values in our organisational policies, procedures and behaviour.

    • Honesty

      We will be truthful, deliver on our promises in terms of project executions, funding other organizations, given scholarships to the less privilege and remain willing to be held into account no matter what. We have maintained confidentiality at all times and respect the privacy of others

    • Solidarity

      We will appreciate and seek strategic alliances. As solidarity remains the basic principle of this organization. We are ready to work with other organizations profit and nonprofit as well as governmental bodies.

    • Creativity

      We will remain flexible, seek innovative and alternative submit of perfections, be willing to challenge conventional wisdom and seize opportunities as they arise

    • Cultural sensitivity

      As our custodian and usual stereotype, we will always respect and acknowledge the culture our immediate society, society at large, any country we have engagement to work with as well as organizations.

    • Embracing risk

      As a result of mission and plan, we will be so motivated to set a pace which will promote our ambitious target to embrace the risk at the same time guiding this organization against any form immediate or future risk

    • Independence

      We are ready and prepared to maintain our independence every time and not beholden to any other organizations

    • Humility

      We are prepared at all times to give people credit in order to create life opportunities for the benefit of people who suffer disaster on disaster in terms of hunger, education and leadership training