• Board of Directors
  • General Assembly
  • Membership


The Board of Directors is TVTAY’s elected management body. Its primary purpose is to serve the General Assembly to ensure the proper functioning of TVTAY.

The Board of Directors develops TVATY strategic plans and analyses all matters relating to the policy of TVATY in cooperation with the CEO.

The Board of Directors is comprised:

  • The Chairman
  • The President
  • The General Secretary
  • The Vice- President
  • The Editorial Director
  • The ICT Director
  • The Project Director
  • The Internal Auditor
  • The Chief Financial Officer
  • The Medical Director
  • The Protocol Officer
  • The Welfare Director

The current board of directors for 2016/2017

Mr. Showunmi Ahmed Accountant/General Auditor
Mr. Agbaje Olatunde F. President
Mrs. Salvador Zainab General Secretay
Ms Funmi Odekomaya Vice President
Mr. Emmanuel Oladosu Editorial Director
Mr. Ridwan Akorede I.C.T. Director
Mr. Tosin Kazeem Oladeji Project Director
Mr. Sheriff Akinlolu The Internal Auditor
Mr. olanrewaju H. Jamiu Chairman
Mr. Sharafdeen Lawal The Medical Director
Mr. Musa Ismail Umar Protocol Officer
Ms. Tanimola Ogunleye Welfare Director

The General Assembly determines the policies and activities of TVTAY and has the power to:

  • admit and terminate the Members of TVTAY;
  • elect (from the potential candidates put forward by the Nominating Committee) and terminate the Board of Directors members ;
  • approve the election of Regional Chairs and Regional Chairs-Elect;
  • elect the Nominating Committee;
  • approve the changes to the Articles of Association and to the Standard Operating Procedures;
  • approve the budget and annual audited accounts;
  • appoint and terminate the auditors;
  • decide upon dissolution and liquidation of TVTAY.

The General Assembly is composed of the following persons, who are referred to as “Members of the General Assembly”:

  • the members of the Board of Directors (President, President-Elect, Vice-Presidents and Regional Chairs)
  • Delegates of each Member

Observers, who have no voting rights, are invited to attend the General Assembly (for example, Honorary Presidents Provisional Members or Committee Chairs).