Aims and Objectives


. Aims and objectives of the Organization:

TVTAY is working towards achieving the following objectives for the benefit of its target group: the poor, socially and economically deprived people.


  • To concretize and create awareness among the people of poorest of the poor on prevailing socio-economic situation and encourage them for active participation in socio-economic development program.
  • To undertake suitable projects and programs with special emphasis on Primary Health Care/Family Planning & Family Welfare/ Comprehensive Rural Development/Preservation of environment.
  • To undertake skill development training programs for women society on handicraft, handloom, horticulture, pisciculture, and livestock and assist them by giving them short term loan for creating sources of income by themselves.
  • To assist deserving poor people by means of giving them short term loan for creating income generating.
  • To train up required number of volunteers on Family Health Care, Traditional Birth attendants and Functional Education etc.
  • To establish manageable TrainingCenter for Community Development Training for various level of people.
  • To print or publish periodical magazines, books, pamphlets, leaflets or booklets that the TVTAY may considered desirable or helpful in the promotion of its objects.
  • To co-operate and assist in suitable joint venture with the governmental Organizations and agencies seeking the goal of redressing poverty and improving health status of common people or relief and rehabilitation at the time of any disaster.
  • To plan and execute Development, Relief and Rehabilitation programs within the terms of objects of the TVTAY.
  • To establish, run and support Health Care Center, Clinic, Technical Training Center, Schools, grant, stipend and scholarship for higher studies at home and abroad and do all such other things as may be benefit for the community.
  • To all such other things as are necessary or conducive to attainment of the objects of the TVTAY.
  • Women empowerment organizing, mobilizing, developing capacity and skills and creating provision of inclusion in decision making process in family and community enabling them to become economically and socially independent.
  • Ensure cost effective community-based affordable and easy access health service especially for women and children (Primary health, antennal and postnatal).
  • Protection and preservation of culture, language and tradition of tribal indigenous people.
  • To seek and receive subscriptions, donations and other supports from persons, institutions or Organizations both from home and abroad and use the same for the purposes of the Organization.