What We Do

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative accelerates many communities’ cross-sectional projects. Our concerns leverage on what the whole community can benefit or what will benefit the entire community not what they can only benefit from the organization.
Our various departments work as separate units in one system to achieve a common goal. Thereby, we create research for each community we want to comb to find out what their needs are not what we have to deliver. Ranging from the Research department with its team member, finds out through community interview, bringing the community research result to the administrative board and project unit to decide on the execution before the monitoring and evaluation unit takes effect.

We build a lot of networks to promote the standard and the society we want through the teen community to the adulthood stage. TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative is not just a non-profit organization, we engage in a lot of research initiatives on the causes and challenges facing the teenagers and youths most especially but in relation with our adults. Our society is integrated education with community healthcare service to promote the well being of our community at large.

This is how The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative plans to strengthening its community work:
a) To help maintain a productive and healthy life, TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative engages in Community health services which assist thousands of communities, households as well as individuals to maintain proper wellness solutions and creating awareness on how to get regular updates on their health status and circumstances.

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative consistently dedicates professional medical team be staff or volunteers to keep track of diagnostic and prescriptive modules for proper healthy maintenance for all our beneficiaries. We help to manage the health and wellness at no cost from our beneficiaries.

b) Our medical extractions and solutions to any community we comb, professionally and voluntarily depend on the researches made by our medical team or unit. TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative does not just embark on Community Project but through our Research Team gives rise to the decision of the Administrative Unit.

c) Our intervention and engagement with various communities in terms of healthcare service is determined by various factors which promote the standard of individual health challenges in such various communities.TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has promoted a lot of Community Healthcare assistances till date for better healthcare.

The success and management of adult’s career begins from early childhood education. This also involves both formal and informal education ranging from preschool through nursery to primary school level. Every child has a right to education because this is the important period of early development in one’s life time.
If a child has no right or access to education, it affects his or her career which may give rise to many other critical challenges aside educational life. The primary period of one’s career that gives accessibility to many other virtues and values is referred to as the “development of a child’s personality.”
“It was reflected on UNICEF page that over 1 billion children around the world head to class on any given School Day.” TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative confirms that without primary or initial education or early childhood development, one’s secondary level of education will be primarily affected. We discovered that even those adolescents who did not have primary education from the beginning of their careers that rather chose to acquire entrepreneurship education later found out that the lack of their preliminary education humanely and critically affects their businesses. So, there is need for them to go back to learn and acquire the BASIC EDUCATION which still needs the attention of Primary Education.
Tantamount to UNICEF quote that “More children and adolescents today are enrolled in pre-primary, primary and secondary education than ever before. Yet, for many of them, schooling does not lead to learning.”
Our findings have revealed it that “over 617 million children and adolescents around the globe are seriously being affected to reach minimum proficiency levels in reading and Mathematics” —UNICEF justification.
Out of all the 19 custodian and non-custodian indicators which include:
Custodian indicators
• Under-5 mortality
• Neonatal mortality
• Early childhood development
• Child marriage
• Female genital mutilation
• Child discipline
• Sexual violence against children
• Pro-poor public social spending

Co-custodian indicators
• Skilled attendance at birth
• Fully immunized children
• Sexual violence against women and girls, by intimate partner
• Sexual violence against women and girls, by person other than intimate partner
• Safely managed water
• Safely managed sanitation and handwashing
• Child labour
• Birth registration
• Stunting
• Wasting/overweight
• Anaemia in women.

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative primary focuses include:
• Early childhood development
• Child discipline
• Sexual violence against children
• Child labour
• Safely managed water.
TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative focuses to promote childhood education in partnership with many international bodies for the same goals set for social development against 2030 agenda. Our fulfillment will be based on a modeling factor which will positively affect many communities, children as well as majority of (Elementary and Secondary) Schools in Nigeria for better education sequel to what we are bringing to education at all levels.
TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative may strive to proffer scholarships at some level because those some children who do not have access to power supply, clean water, conducive learning environment and materials are those who live in the remote areas of some cities in Nigeria. We Research department conducted research to buttress the aforementioned point beyond reasonable doubt that most children who are being submerged and deprived accessibility to education are those who live in the remote areas on inner Communities in Nigeria. Those children need attention not only from the government to be able to speed up their literacy level assistance.
Our conclusion is that by the year 2025, TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative will educate over 5 million children through the training of 250,000 teachers both on moral and characters.
…the light for fulfilling the future

Health is an important pre-determining and live-challenging factor for every citizen to live a better fulfilling life. Education may be important or be an attribute to sustain one’s professionalism in some occasions on how one can go farther about life achievement, but without a healthy recipe, our future goal is not subjected to any achievement. Both internal and physical fitness read the absence of infirmity and this is the only condition that can bring social balance.
Good hygiene, mental and physical fitness as well as social wellbeing are all significant factors that must be considered applicable for a healthy life cycle. TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has noticed the serious degradation in public cleanliness which stylishly affects our emotional and financial health status. Daily activities in Nigeria have prevented most people from taking care of their pedigree and this condition really shorten millions of lives in our dear country.

Our outreach depends on various situations of environment we find ourself. The Research does a lot of work by tempering down its nose to find out a community actually desires. It is after this; a template can be presented to know what and what the networks of other departments or units at TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative can do for the solution of any challenges being faced by such community. We have various units which include Administrative, Project, IT, Finance, Medical, Education, Research and Monitoring and Evaluation. Each department has its role