Who We Are

TV-TAY (The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths) Wellbeing Initiative was established back in 2003/2005 to promote societal values and virtues for the less privilege. The Initiative was basically established to exponentially touch many lives. The purpose of establishing TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative is to make distinct positive changes in the lives of many beneficiaries.

In the past, TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has accomplished many fantastic results for Community developments. Education, Community Healthcare assistance, Career opportunities in addition with lots of tangible rewards for the TAYs (teenagers, adolescents and youths). Our tractable results show this.

We know building an organization like this is not easy but with great think tanks, expertise and more experience staff, members and volunteers who have dedicated to work with the organization have satisfactorily and systematically improved the performances of the organization from the beginning to this end. TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative cannot do it all alone but with the experiences, settings, exposures and existence at which the aforementioned set of people have gone, our community assistance has really been promoted beyond expectations in the past few years.

Building a productive society and engaging the beneficiaries by promoting their wellbeing are not that easy but we have segregated the integrations into many modules that make our workforce, workplace and operations to be easier to deliver the best beyond expected thoughts. TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has been mapped into various departments which include administrative body, Project, Healthcare, Research, Finance, IT, Monitoring and Evaluation and Logistic departments. All our departments work hand-in-hand to promote societal values for the benefits of the beneficiaries who this organization is purposely established.

Our departments work base on values and challenges from various Communities we comb. Our Research department works extensively to find out what a community desires or faces as challenges before the attentions of other departments are allowed to feature for any communal problem tackling or solving.

Though building a brand and better society, reaching out to the most challenging Communities to offer the valuable services having been desired and building long-lasting solutions might be singularly challenging but research with commitment have made TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative to stand out like being existed for donkey years.

We spend countless hours planning, organizing and raising funds with the strategies of undertaking the matchless experience of putting resources together to make something valuable not motion and helping the Community and society at large to grow.

As an organization social entrepreneurship assisted many disabled and widows to be invaluable to themselves and their communities. We engage many women and ladies fight against social challenges.

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative is making efforts to make nothing but stand-out among millions of Organizations in the global system even at the ECOSOC level, sourcing ideas that will blow its initiative across many countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South America as well as Global Level at large.

...the light for fulfilling the future!

Our Approach

Humanitarian services may not be as absolutely easy because of certain challenges of all forms, but our expectation towards humanity is to be among the global giant philanthropists for every community assistance and development in the third world nations.

We are glad to think about the work we do as important as it is. Our program in lieu of governance, leadership, management, operation and most importantly research that first creates a solid and standard step towards community assistance and development have been the lime light of self-determination towards daily advancement and irreversible achievement.

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative does not only operate at national level, our operation also leverages on the international pedigree, so that confidence base on self-determination, self-development and self-promoting ideas of our beneficiaries, donor trust which professionally and solely base on our promise to do good within our immediate and society at large with their fund as well as self-esteem using standard modeling are internally promising virtues of the entire team. We are at all times stage program that transform and personalize the unique embracement of individual and organization support for the benefit of the entire community development.


— Our Mission

Our mission entails education with empathy, elevate potentials with actions and evaluate balancing within all forms of conceptions!


— Our Vision

TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative is expected to be among the giant philanthropists for global development.


— Our Departments


This unit is the decision maker, it involves the president, vice president and general secretary of the organization. They take decision on most projects, its existence, evaluation and monitoring. T


This is the unit which draws the financial plan of every project to be anchored by the organization. After the decision-making committee, the financial budget takes the proper directives by the Financial Department. The total budget to be stipulated on a project and the annual financial report are handled by the Financial Department.


This is the unit being responsible for every community project. After the decision of the Administrative Unit, the Project Department takes the next approach to calculate what the whole project will entail before the financial paper presentation on what the total project cost. This is when the Financial Unit can disburse funding for such project.


Our medical unit comprises a team of registered nurses, community healthcare personnel and doctors who manage people’s wellbeing, playing professional medical roles in nuance of actions within the community that face medical challenges for better proper health assurance.


TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative has promoted education with higher transmissibility starting from the community service to the tertiary level through digital and physical learning. We unleash potentials, build creativity, impact knowledge and professionalize the inbuilt talents through our academics.

Monitoring and Evaluation

This is the unit being considered as final-outreached department because of its roles in project monitoring. Every project TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative embarks on, Monitoring and Evaluation unit takes a bold step by making sure that the correlation which involves the total mapping of ideas with what has been communally projected and executed follow the standard in which it is initially built.


Our Research Team fantastically plays a vital role to comb our targeted community/communities before any move from any of the aforementioned departments. This unit is the first and foremost in the operations of TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative. The unit must first carryout findings about the targeted community. What are their needs? why do they need such assistance? How long will it take for such project to be completed and what are the likely challenges? Why has there been no assistance for such project in the past? All these questions and findings are gathered by the Research Unit through one-on-one interview, paper, with few other questionnaires from the community members, leaders and other communalists in order to know where our project commences.


TV-TAY Wellbeing Initiative offers a variety of opportunities to ensure community members or volunteers find at least one to two things in which they can point out as benefits of participating with our organization.

When you think about volunteers, the typical image of a team or community group planting a garden at the same time revitalizing a local park or painting a lively mural at a school comes to mind.

However, if you feel like doing good to others whilst doing good for yourself can help you build a strong capacity and support in terms of long-term goals in an undeserved community or communities of any developing states. This very mind submission and wholeheartedly assistance can go a long way to enhance your resume as you gain hard and soft skills couple with a number of community and career experiences and exposures.