TVTAY seeks partnership with local and international organizations, foundations as well as committable corporate organizations in order to intensify our vision and mission so that we can promote education at local and international level. TVTAY personally and strongly believes in mutual relationship with alliances to upgrade and update education to the topmost level among TAYs throughout the global system.

TVTAY also encourages her partners and non-partners to get involved in activities that will promote and enhance a strong educational pedigree as desires by TVTAY. This is what can and will build encouraging future for the target audience and less privilege. They can play a meaningful role in improving the lives of people with fewer standards of living by putting ours and their commitment to social responsibility into practice. Partnership goes a long way to strengthening our works, dedications and projections.

With educational challenges being faced by children, parents and government in developing countries has made TVTAY not to trivialize a strong partnership with able bodies that will encourage and promote well standard advocacy for better education and standard of living for the TAYs.


TVTAY partners in twofold which include:

Corporate partner and supporters: These are the corporate organizations which actively support and partake in TVTAY activities in order to promote and instigate education within our immediate society and society at large.

Global Partners: These are the international organizations, foundations and NGOs which engage in multi-year assistance with TVTAY to help achieve our aims and object yearly. They also support our tailored programs in education at all levels.