President Speech


It is my pleasure and privilege to serve as the President of The vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative. At TVTAY, the Division of Boards of Directors as well as members strives to make connections between the TAYs’, curricular and co-curricular experiences within the immediate community we are and society at large.

The strategic goals that have been identified by the TAYs are designed to ensure that our priorities and focus are in resources, programs, structure and services that will best allow us to serve the TAYs, our society as well as those who do not fall within the ages of our targeted audience and meet our divisional and organizational programming vision, mission and outcomes.

We believe the quality of societal life is crucial to the success of the disadvantaged TAYs.  As mentors and advisors, our staff seeks to serve as the TAYs’ societal advocate and provide assistance with managing a crisis, understanding societal policies and procedures, and assisting TAYs in locating the appropriate societal resources.

TVTAY provides each victim who falls within the categories of environmental and societal dissatisfaction with opportunities in individual development through quality services and programs focused on their needs. These needs include emotional, social, physical, cultural, spiritual, intellectual, and vocational auxiliaries. It is our goal to nurture their growth and facilitate problem-solving. In addition to meeting one-on-one with TAYs, we sponsor numerous programs and services with availability of scholarship and eye-opening opportunities as well as mind-disabusing programs.

I welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss with you the roles and responsibilities of the TVTAY’s division. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but, more importantly, we are proud of the accomplishments of TAYs and most programs we have been able to execute as projected with more projections.

Welcome to The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative. The light for fulfilling the future.!!!