The Vision for Teenagers Adolescents and Youths Wellbeing Initiative is engaged in systematize submit of perfections to tackle indiscipline actions such as Drug abuse, Cultism, depriving of Gender egalitarianism, Sexual abuse, Health conflict, educational disentanglement, among TAYs from the local to the international level – from programmes right from our immediate societal level to society at large to create a strong form of awareness and advocacy initiatives.

The motive behind these aforementioned activities include the aim to influence policy, increase public awareness and encourage health improvement, promote the exchange of high-quality information about gender equality, danger of cultism among TAYs in our society, and provide education for people who are less privilege academic wise . TVTAY’s awareness and advocacy initiatives are grounded in the experiences of our global network of national education associations.

This advocacy is achieved through the following:

  • It does a finding on the primary, personal and societal problems face by the TAYs.
  • Findings are done through surveys such as questionnaires, one on one interview (personal interview), paper interview, mobile phone interview and host of other related circumstances sequel to interview.
  • TVTAY is also charged with the responsibility of carrying out healthcare opportunities not only among TAYs but also for the old most especially those in the slum areas where penury jeopardizes their chance of taking personal healthcare responsibility themselves.
  • TVTAY also invites expertise to give lectures and trainings on the supremacy importance of career and guardian counseling throughout the year.
  • AS parts of our social responsibilities, TVTAY arranges and conducts mind-disabusing programs on a quarterly basis at various junior and senior secondary schools as well as elementary schools sequel to the outcomes of the survey conducted.
  • TVTAY publishes books on quarterly basis in accordance with programs conducts and arranges.
  • Eye-opening Scholarship program for the three social groups.
  • TVTAY partners with other non-profit and profit institutions to arrange both local and international scholarships for the qualified candidates among the TAYs.
  • TVTAY also promotes TAYs through vocational trainings and capital base financing projects for most especially those who live below two dollars ($2.00) per day not only in Nigeria but neighbourhood countries.
  • TVTAY uses international submit of perfections besides the local knowledge acquired with results of our survey to promote, motivate and establish TAYs on a concrete long lasting and eye-opening projects that can assist TAYs to be practically independent.
  • TVTAY plays important roles in Information Technological know-how basically for the benefit of TAYs most especially in government schools from the lower basic, middle basic, upper basic and secondary school levels.
  • TVTAY also plays a significant role by not drawing a veil on the menace effect of drug abuse among TAYs.
  • She also takes into cognizance the challenges facing women education in our immediate society with intention of unleashing the potential in them and extending it beyond this State as a whole.


TVTAY is a type of organization which is highly and strongly committed to structuring, restructuring and building economic, political and social wellbeing of the “TAYs” in terms of education, HIV/AIDS, gender equality, poverty alleviation as well as community base development project for the purpose of societal development.

Without re-directional thinking in line with the aforementioned justifications most people especially the less privilege will suffer some disastrous and miserable death regardless of government effort towards all those needy.

As an accredited organization to the United Nations and Corporates Affairs Commission in Nigeria we have intentionally aimed to promote, motivate and build a strong system and integrate a kind of network by spreading our tentacles to areas which our services are needed mostly and even areas we are not wanted to build a platform that will last long for the TAYs regardless of the challenges.


TVTAY’s advocacy is driven by the ambition of TAYs who mostly do not have hope to improve the lives in education, healthcare, have disconnection from drug abuse and host of other disorganized activities among these disadvantaged people.  Whether working at the international or local level, our advocacy does not limit to any age group but our programmes may.